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Soutien à l'adoption de nouveau-nés canadiens
Canadian newborn adoption support service

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The service

You are experiencing a pregnancy in less-than-ideal circumstances and you would like to explore the possibility of entrusting your newborn through open, semi-open or closed adoption, or of delegating your parental authority through tutelage ? Vivere Adoption Canada is a free and confidential support service that aims to help you know and understand your options in that regard.

Open adoption

Open adoption has been performed successfully all over North America, including in Quebec,  for decades. In this configuration, the child, the biological parent(s) and the adoptive parent(s) know each other and meet in accordance to a preconvened "communication agreement". The child knows they are adopted, and they also know all the love the biological parent has invested in this decision for the greater well-being of the child. There is no secret nor shame. The biological mother is appeased because she knows how her child is doing.

Semi-open adoption

With semi-open adoption, contacts between the three parties are indirect, for example using photos, letters and/or phone calls.

Closed adoption

Closed adoption is the traditional form of adoption. The biological mother has no contacts either with child or the adoptive parent(s).

Could adoption be for me? In what form?

You can determine whether adoption is right for you, and if so, in what form, according to certain character traits as well as to the circumstances surrounding your pregnancy. Click on the image below for the Exploration Guide for the Biological Parent (8 pages).

How does it work?

In Quebec

Adoption in Quebec can be done either through the private sector or the public sector.

Private sector

If the biological parent has a relative who is interested in adopting the newborn at birth, then they can go together before a lawyer specialized in family law and finalise the adoption for around $2,000, which the adoptive parent(s) will incurr.

Public  sector

Adoption can also take place in the public sector. The biological parent must contact the adoption service of the Quebec government "Centre jeunesse" of their region. This centre can be found by calling Service Québec, toll-free, at 1-877-644-4545. 

The adoption service will first propose the "Mixed Bank" program, which is a placement service for children whose biological parent(s) have been found unable to take care of their child, and which does not necessarily conclude with an adoption, as the aim of the program is for the child to be returned to the biological parent once the parental ineptitude has been corrected.

Then, the adoption service will propose open, semi-open or closed adoption. If open or semi-open adoption is retained, then the service will assist the adoptive and biological parents in the establishment of their "communication agreement" between the biological parent, the adoptive parent and the child : visit frequency, duration and place; frequency of photos and/or letters. With semi-open adoption, the adoption service qill act as intermediary. If closed adoption is retained, then there will be no such communication agreement. 

The biological parent has 30 days to retract, and can also try to do so up until the placement order, which can be pronounced any time after the thirty-day retraction delay. After six months of placement and a follow-up evaluation, a judge can pronounce an adoption order.

The adoption service can also help the biological parent entrust their child to a relative through auxiliary guardianship, which is reversible.

If the biological parent has an acquaintance, that is a person who is not a relative, who is interested in sharing the legal guardianship of the child, then the biological parent can submit this shared guardianship to a judge, as this is neither adoption nor tutelage.

Other canadian provinces and territories

In most of the other provinces and territories, private adoption is much more accessible. Private adoption agencies allow biological parents to entrust their newborn to any person opf their choice, whether they are related or not. One must dial the toll-free number for the general information service of the government of their province or territory and ask for the newborn adoption service in your region or for the list of private adoption agencies of your province or territory.

But how about the nine months of pregnancy?

There are social integration resources for difficult pregnancy in most regions. Adoption Vivere Canada has created directories for different regions. They have all been updated January 10, 2018.

Outaouais (Ontario and Quebec) directory for difficult pregnancy.pdf

See our other local directories at the bottom of the home page of the French section.

* For Montreal, add the English language-resource : and Elizabeth High School ( 

Who we are

Isabelle and Ward O'Connor are volunteers whose services are always free.

After having watched a television documentary aired on adoption in October 2002 by the French CBC, Isabelle and Ward took notice of the desire of need of women and girls experiencing pregnancy in difficult circumstances to obtain support for adoption. They also became aware of the lacks in available resources to that end.

They read all they could on the subject, including the Quebec Justice Department's Lavallée Report on adoption, published in 2007, and they published their French adaptation of the book "Affirming the Birthmother's Journey", which relates decades of successful Canadian experience with open or semi-open newborn adoption.

With regards to the Lavallée Report, they produced a summary which can be found on pages 5 and 6 of their Biological Parent Exploration Guide.

Isabelle and Ward have observed how much the demand and desire for newborn adoption is prevalent in Canada and how those two needs, i.e. to entrust one's newborn through adoption at birth, and to adopt a newborn, meet and can be mutually beneficial.

Isabelle and Ward seek to raise awareness in the general population and in public health organizations concerning the so desired and needed connection between those two complementary situations, and to support this connection through their support service for the biological parent.

Vivere Adoption Canada is not a private adoption agency (which would be illegal in Quebec). No adoption procedures or even meetings bewteen prospective biological and adoptive parents are made, only support for the biological parent in the exploration of options relating to adoption and tutelage, and refering to local support resources for difficult pregnancy.

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